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Electric elevator safety technical inspection process: QTKD: 21-2016/BLDTBXH

The process of technical safety inspection of electric elevators is compiled by the Department of Occupational Safety and is issued together with the Circular No. 54/2016/TT-BLDTBXH dated December 28, 2016 of the Ministry of Labor and War Invalids. and Society.
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Elevator door fire resistance test: Conflict of opinion?

In June 2022, the new regulation on fire resistance testing of elevator landing doors has replaced the old one. These seem to cause difficulties for businesses as reflected. How specifically?
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Causes of elevator incidents - What do state agencies say?

Recently, a series of articles about elevator incidents such as: electrical problems of elevators or apartment lifts continuously falling freely ... So what causes elevators to be unsafe like It still exists, while the level of danger to the user is well known.
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Elevator landing doors and user safety

Take a look at the recent serious elevator accidents, most of which are related to the elevator landing door. There are many reasons such as the awareness of the elevator users, the negligence of the technical staff for maintenance, repair, inspection and even objective technical errors related to the elevator.
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