TERM 2020-2025

In order to carry out the activities of the Vietnam Elevator Association, the Executive Board of the Association for the 2020-2025 term plans the operation direction with the following contents:


Building the Association to become a prestigious organization, representing the entire elevator and escalator industry in Vietnam, while enhancing the sustainable development of the elevator and escalator field in Vietnam as well as reaching out to the international market.


1. Gathering and connecting members who are individuals and organizations working together in the field of elevators and escalators to share experiences, support and help each other in production, business and services in order to participate in the development of fields related to the Association's activities;

2. Developing and promulgating a code of ethics in the Association's activities in order to unify all members to strictly implement the Association's guidelines;

3. Disseminate and foster knowledge and information on legal regulations for members, guide and encourage members to comply with the laws, regimes and policies of the State and the Association ‘s Charter.

4. Representing members to participate in and make recommendations to competent authorities on guidelines and policies related to the Association's field of operation in accordance with law;

5. Close cooperation and coordination with state management agencies, international organizations, production units, and users of elevators and escalators to perform the task of providing public services on issues in the field of activities of the Association such as organizing training, vocational training, vocational transmission; promote and improve quality, safety and technical standards for elevators and escalators in Vietnam and perform other duties and powers as prescribed by law in order to achieve the purpose and mission of developing the industry. elevator and escalator sector, contributing to the construction and development of the country;

6. Cooperate internationally in the field of activities of the Association.


1. Organize and build an effective operation mechanism of the Association

1.1 Strengthening the organization and apparatus of the Association, including: the Executive Committee, the Standing Committee, the Inspection Committee, the Association's Office and specialized units in line with the tasks and functions of operation of the Association;

1.2 Develop a system of operating regulations of the Executive Board, Standing Board and related units of the Association;

1.3 Organize appropriate personnel, improve the operational role of functional departments under the Association;

1.4 Promote the admission of members, in which the assessment, reception and promotion of member development of the Association.

2. Professional work and movement development

2.1 Formulate and contribute ideas to the State's policies and legal documents related to the Association's development and the Association's fields of operation;

2.2 Contributing to the development of technical standards and regulations for elevators and escalators in Vietnam;

2.3 Participating in issuing publications on technical safety for elevators and escalators;

2.4 Organize, participate in research and assessment on technical safety, market survey, current status of elevators and escalators in Vietnam to have orientations and recommendations for the community, businesses and authorities;

2.5 Organizing trade fairs and exhibitions and promoting the development of the field of elevators and escalators.

3. International integration

3.1 Conduct research on the functions, duties and operational experience of the Elevator Associations in the world and in the region in order to improve the Association's operation method in accordance with current laws;

3.2 Cooperating with foreign elevator associations in sharing experiences, supporting training for staff and managers of Association members.

4. Other works

4.1 Coordinate with ministries, branches and state management agencies to develop standards, regulations and quality certificates for elevator and escalator products and equipment;

4.2 The Association will quickly launch an information page of the Association to disseminate to its members economic-technical information, necessary legal documents for business activities, production, Inspection of elevators and escalators. In addition, the Association's information page is also a forum to provide useful information for businesses of the industry and consumers;

4.3 Coordinate with training units to deploy and improve the capacity of the Association, disseminate necessary and useful techniques to members, improve the capacity of skilled technicians in the field elevators, escalators.








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