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Vietnam Elevator Expo 2023 officially gets underway

On the morning of December 7th, 2023, two events were inaugurated simultaneously at the Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center (SECC) in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. These events are the Vietnam International Trade Fair (Vietnam Expo) and the International Elevator Exhibition – Vietnam Elevator Expo 2023.
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The elevator industry from a sustainability perspective

On December 7th, during the Vietnam Elevator Expo 2023, an International Seminar was held titled “Sustainable Development Trend of Future Elevator Industry” organized by the Vietnam Elevator Association (VNEA).
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Series of outstanding events at Vietnam Elevator Expo 2023

Vietnam Elevator Expo 2023 will be hosting a variety of exciting events in addition to showcasing and introducing products. Some of the noteworthy sideline activities include the International Elevator Seminar, International Cooperation Signing Ceremony, Awards Ceremony,…
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A look back at VNEA’s images at The Lift Expo Korea - ILEK 2023

Lasting three days (November 8-10), The Lift Expo Korea - ILEK 2023 concluded a memorable journey but also opened the door to trade cooperation and promotion among exhibition participants and international visitors.
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Vietnam is attending International Lift Expo Korea for the first time

EM – ILEK 2023 is the foremost elevator exhibition in Korea and offers an excellent chance for elevator, escalator, and auxiliary businesses to network and collaborate. The Vietnam Elevator Association, as a representative of the Vietnamese elevator industry, will also be participating in this exhibition in its 2023 edition.
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Korea National Comprehensive Elevator Information System

National comprehensive elevator information system, authorized and operated by the Korea Elevator Safety Agency (KoELSA) from the National Elevator Information Center and the Ministry of Public Safety and Security. The system has been officially operated since 2013, helping to make information transparent in management and rescue work, promoting Korea to become a leading country in elevator safety
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